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Trout Fishing Net

Trout Fishing Net
Trout fishing nets are part of the gear most fishermen use when fishing smaller to medium-sized trout. For trout which are larger in size, using one’s hands is the most effective. Yet for ninety percent of fishermen, the normal sized networks just fine. Nets take the work out of retrieving an aggressive trout from the water. They also help release a trout during a “catch and release” outings.

Trout Nets And Their Differences

Shopping for a net will lead you to two basic types. Two trout fishing nets, the tear drop and classic are what is often found in all sport fishing shops. These two types of nets are for river, lake and ocean trout fishing. The larger the trout the larger the net, yet there does come a time where trout can become too big for a net. Monster trout are a whole different subject that is not covered within this article.

The tear drop net is the net everyone will see when they go into a sporting goods store. Almost all manufactured with a metal or wood and come in a multitude of net colors. When purchasing a net like this, stick with a more neutral color. The net color that blends in with the color of the ground or water is the best choice. Some colors can spook a trout. When fishing trout that spook easily, brown colored nets work the best. They blend into the environment allowing the fisherman to keep a low profile.

There is another type of net that is a little harder to find because its
made for larger fish. This net comes with a longer handle and is a bit more robust in size and shape. Its meant for bringing in larger trout for ocean, lake and river fishing. These nets are also a great aid when fishing off a high shoreline. The long handle and extra leverage comes in handy.

Up Keep Of A Fishing Net

With any fishing gear, it is important to clean and repair it. The same goes for nets. Although nets are quite sturdy and made of resistant materials, there will come a time when it will need repairing. Some of the damage to watch out for, torn nets, bent metal hoops, cracks, chips, scratches and worn handle grips.

Most fishermen grow attached to their gear. When something breaks or needs repairing. Generally, a good fisherman will get right to it. Being vigilant about your net will keep it functioning for a fisherman’s entire life. Yet when a net gets damaged, it is susceptible to rust or water damage. This kind of damage can weaken the net’s integrity. The last thing you want to happen is to lose a prize trout with a net failure or handle failure.

Fishing nets are easy to take care of and can last a lifetime. Some of the wooden nets are beautifully done and can pass from generation to generation. Even more, reason to care for a net.

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