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What You Need To Know About Tanning Lotions

What You Need To Know About Tanning Lotions
Tanning has become as simple as applying tanning cream from a tube. Yes, if you are looking to get dark skin ASAP, your tan can be waiting for you in a bottle on a shelf of a supermarket or pharmacy. Although it isn’t as easy as basking in the sun you would need to develop some skill. You can not just blot the stuff onto your palm and rub your body. It is an art and you have to learn the technique. If you want the best results to be patient and find out how it is done first.

So how do you choose the right fake tan cream for you? Look in the mirror and analyze your skin. Having a very pale skin you can not expect to be extra dark the next day. Take baby steps before expecting to reach a very dark shade. That being said you now know to look for light caramel shades. Get something that will keep your friends guessing why you look so great. A soft glow is always the best and safest way to begin any self-tanning session. The great thing about creams is that they can offer all different shades of brown from honey to extra dark brown.

For a lighter desired look Babor Self Tanning Cream may be ideal. Apply it to your skin after you have learned how to do it right. You can wait between 1-4 hours before washing it off. Just remember that everyone’s skin reacts differently and there are some people that get no results. You should begin to notice a change after an hour has passed and you can shower as soon as you reach the tone you want. If, after the four hours are up and you need to get darker then you can try another round later in the evening.

For those who are passed this level and want to try a dangerous dark brown then there are numerous creams on the market. One good brand is the Swedish Beauty Chocolate Silk Tanning Lotion Dark Tanning Intensifier. This includes silk protein and gives a rich deep brown tan. This cream intensifies a tan without using a bronzer or tingle. To top it all off it smells good. It’s a trial and error process when it comes to experimenting to find the right tanning cream for you.

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