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Best Face Tanning Lotion For Your Face

Best Face Tanning Lotion For Your Face
Tanning the face differs from tanning the skin on the rest of your body. Facial skin is gentle and is more prone to dermatitis and allergic reactions. Cosmetic companies make specially formulated soaps and facial products that take into account the sensitiveness of the face. Facial tanning lotion does the same exact thing. Face tanning lotion was designed with such sensitivity in mind. What good would a tan be if the result ends with an undesirable side effect. People with sensitive skin are more likely to have adverse effects from the products they use on their face. Using a face tanning lotion can greatly minimize and eliminate those concerns.

Sensitivity isn’t the only issue when dealing with the face, some women also prefer to use makeup on top of their tan. A sensitive skin tanning lotion is more likely to be compatible with makeup than a lotion that is generally used for both face and body. Tanning lotions for the face are made for indoor and outdoor tanning as well as sunless tanning and here are some of the better products you can find available.

Loreal Dermo-Expertise Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion Face is sunless, long lasting and goes great with makeup. It’s gentle on the skin and will give you a nice golden bronze tan that isn’t too dark but isn’t too light either. Women love it because it goes so well with facial makeup, something that isn’t the case for all self-tanning lotions.

Neutrogena Build-a-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning for Face is another fine tanning lotion for the face. Neutrogena has always taken the lead in producing quality products for the face and this sunless lotion for the face works wonders. It dries very quick so you don’t have to worry about remaining immobile for too long. It’s gradually applied and you can continue increasing the tan of your face with each use. Those with darker skin should, however, look elsewhere but if you have light skin tone then this gradual sunless tanning lotion is perfect.

Saving Face Hypoallergenic Facial Accelerator Tanning Lotion by Designer Skin is great for people with very sensitive skin. It comprises of natural ingredients including botanical oils that are safe on the face. You can enjoy being tanned without having to stress if your face will break out because this product is hypro-allergic and absolutely fragrance-free. It’s definitely worth a try for those with very sensitive facial skin who want a golden tan.

Amazing Face Dark Bronzer- tanning bed lotion is also fragrance-free and great to use before your next tanning session. It’s small and convenient and works really well especially for indoor tanning. You can feel confident using this bronzer tanning lotion as it is very gentle on the skin.

California Tan Seven Face is designed especially for people who tan and suffer from allergies and breakouts. It’s formulated in a way that won’t block your pores and give you a beautiful tan but without any undesirable side effects.

Face tanning lotions are gentler on the skin. People who have bad results with ordinary tanning lotions should try a product that is formulated for sensitive skin. Regular tanning lotions use fragrances and chemicals that disregard allergies that sensitive skin people suffer from. If this is your dilemma, then a fragrance-free lotion might give you the tan you always wanted without any breakouts. Women who love being tanned with lovely makeup should also try a face tanning lotion that dries quick. You might be surprised at the obvious difference.

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